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We are rebuilding the old police station at Frederiksberg into a visionary Student & Innovation House.

We want to engage international students with different backgrounds around Copenhagen and match them with organizations and collaborators from different sectors in order to promote innovation.

We are designing a future service-portfolio ranging from infrastructure services, student agency services and unique ongoing events in our house, like ideation workshops and science conferences.

Through curiosity, responsibility, student engagement and collaboration, we believe that the activities and members of the house will create positive impact in society.

Follow the Student & Innovation House until its official opening in 2020.












drank (and counting)

Student and Innovation House is an exciting vision to reuse the old and beautiful – but now empty -building in the heart of Frederiksberg for a completely new objective. As for Frederiksberg Municipality, we concurrently embrace the idea as an innovative element in our dynamic city center.
Jørgen Glenthøj

- Jørgen Glenthøj


Currently, CBS’s existing buildings already possess high standards and quality, and the Student House must been seen as a natural extension of the existing environment. On behalf of CBS, I can only give my best recommendations.
Per Holten-Andersen

- Per Holten-Andersen

CBS President

We believe the project is a unique opportunity to also inspire and improve business schools around and in Denmark. The Board of Directors emphasizes that the core strength of this project is it has been driven by students’ own visions and needs.
Peter Schütze & Eva Berneke

- Peter Schütze & Eva Berneke

CBS Board of Directors

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